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Thanksgiving Porter


7.5 lbs of Light Amber extract

.55 lbs British Roasted Barley

.5 lbs American Crystal Barley

.255 British Black Patent Barley

1 oz Galena hops (boiling) 60 minutes

California Ale Yeast from SLV Brewing

MacSeumas’ Own Regimental Porter

We found this receipt from Mr. Steve’s Beer Supply store, anemia and we do the additional dry hopping that he suggests.  Our first batch was a startling success.  Instead of comments ranging from courteous “that’s drinkable” to “yeah, cheap it has that noticeable homebrew aftertaste”, prescription this batch of Porch Night Pale Ale received nothing but flattery.

7 lb s Muntons Light Bulk Malt Extract

1/2 lb of crystal malt

1 oz Centennial hops – bittering (1 hr.) 7-10 HBU

1/2 oz Centennial hops the last 15 minutes

1/2 oz. Centennial hops for last 5 minutes

White Lab WLP 001 Califronia Ale yeast

1 oz Centennial *leaf* hops, Alpha 9.3% for dry hopping

PROCESS:   Primary fermentation took place in a rather warm basement at about 80F.  After 8 days we added the dry hops.  After two weeks we racked it and will let it clear a bit more and keg in about one week.   Sampling it during racking, it was very hoppy, with no off-flavors.   Has some suspended yeast that we expect to settle over the next week.
Brewed 07/16/2010 @ 13:55:00 in Alamosa, order CO

8 lbs Dark Amber Extract
.5 lbs Chocolate Malt
.5 lbs Black Patent Malt
2 oz Magnum Hops
2 oz Centennial Hops (finishing)
1 oz fresh spruce branch tips (finishing)
1 Tbs Irish Moss (finishing)

Fresh California Ale Yeast from SLV Brewing stock

Boiled wort for 70 minutes total