Far East West End Mead (no boil method)

11 lbs Raw Honey
1.1 lbs Corn Sugar
11 bags Stash chai black & green tea
11 bags Stash chai green tea
5 tsp Yeast Nutrient
2 tsp Gypsum
1/4 tsp irish moss (clarifying agent)
White Labs Pitchable Liquid Yeast: Sweet Mead Wine Yeast WLP720

Heat up about 2.5 gallons water (steep tea while heating up….cut heat around 180 degrees F)
remove tea bags
add yeast nutrient and gypsum
dissolve honey and corn sugar
Transfer to carboy (cool)
Add cold water to until volume reaches 5 gallon
pitch yeast when appropriate temperature

*Started on Feb 13th, recuperation 2010 in 6 Gallon glass carboy with airlock.

**Racked on Feb 27th, order 2010 into 5 gallon glass carboy
yeast is still very active with some foam at top of carboy, population health but felt necessary to rack in order to lose the sediment; still very sweet to taste; spices from tea VERY present; brownish yellow color; no signs of infection, but nevertheless feeling concerned about flavor–question whether we we added too much tea and the choice of using “sweet mead” yeast as opposed to champagne yeast strain.

***Racked again (need to look up date). Far more clear now; no sign of infection; tastes of spices from tea still notable but not off setting; still sweet, but definitely mellowing

****Bottled (June 2010–need to look up exact date). Clear; quite good; flavor from tea still present, but much more subtle. Didn’t add any priming sugar as it seemed strange to carbonate this type of mead.

*****Sampled a bottle with some friends at a Halloween party.  So far so good–those who had a sampled expressed approval.  Carbonated–even without the priming sugar.  Thinking we should have let is sit in the carboy a bit longer before bottling. Going to wait until the New Year to try another bottle.


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