Porch Night Pale Ale

We found this receipt from Mr. Steve’s Beer Supply store, prosthetic and we do the additional dry hopping that he suggests.  Our first batch was a startling success.  Instead of comments ranging from courteous “that’s drinkable” to “yeah, medical it has that noticeable homebrew aftertaste”, this batch of Porch Night Pale Ale received nothing but flattery.

7 lb s Muntons Light Bulk Malt Extract

1/2 lb of crystal malt

1 oz Centennial hops – bittering (1 hr.) 7-10 HBU

1/2 oz Centennial hops the last 15 minutes

1/2 oz. Centennial hops for last 5 minutes

White Lab WLP 001 Califronia Ale yeast

1 oz Centennial *leaf* hops, Alpha 9.3% for dry hopping

PROCESS:   Primary fermentation took place in a rather warm basement at about 80F.  After 8 days we added the dry hops.  After two weeks we racked it and will let it clear a bit more and keg in about one week.   Sampling it during racking, it was very hoppy, with no off-flavors.   Has some suspended yeast that we expect to settle over the next week.

*** This keg is kicked.  Enjoyed by all who tasted it–especially Patrick 🙂


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